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So good to finally see Ms. Laura Lou Music live! More photos from her EP release show coming soon!In the meantime, you can listen to her lovely music here: https://lauralou.bandcamp.com/album/seduction-lullaby©T.HANS
Carbon Handshake performed at The Cabooze last night and it was wonderful!©T.HANS
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a very eager dog I encountered yesterday

[intro] The more that I travel, the more I realize that I’ll never be able to travel to every single part of the world and really be familiar with each place.. and while I would like to discover all of what I do not know, there remains this beautiful mystery about not knowing every detail, about not exploring all of the latitudes and longitudes of the world, and being content with the way some things are solely experienced in the mind. 

I’ve attached emotions, ideas, feelings, and memories to places I have not been, and am always subconsciously doing so, because I am curious. I am curious about the familiarity of the places I have never been, and may never be.

Through the use of visual aids, I have been able to peer into the places of the world that I would normally not be able to see.

So, I present you with Latitudes;  an ongoing documentary photo project that involves volunteers from around the world who give insight into their experiences in the places they reside and are familiar with.

These people have agreed to use a disposable camera in the ways they please to capture daily ins and outs, familiar sights, and whimsical moments that occur in their lives. 

You are stepping inside a room, yet still peering out through its many windows.
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[background photo by Tricia/Minneapolis]
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